Youth & Adult

The EDGE Martial Arts adult program is designed for those adults who desire a challenge! Our program is carefully constructed not to burn you out physically or mentally, but allow you to grow as a professional martial artist. As you progress up the belt ranks, your martial arts training will be reinforced with positive comments from your friends, family and co-workers on your improved self-confidence and physical appearance.  Our curriculum has something for everyone.  Our self defense program is world class and is reality based to actually work when called upon to protect yourself or a loved one.  We a have vibrant traditional martial arts component developing attributes not only useful in the dojo, but in life.  For those interested in Mixed Martial Arts, you will learn skills make you competitive in that arena.

A great side benefit to martial arts training is the social aspect of meeting people with similar values and interests as you. Regular social gatherings outside of the school are a part of The EDGE Martial Arts experience.