What makes the EDGE different from other local karate/martial art schools?

  • Bradford County’s oldest martial arts school.We are locally owned and have been in business since 1999 and our average instructor has over 15 years of experience.

  • No testing fee’s.A common practice of most martial arts schools is you pay to test.We don’t and never will.You earn the right to test, not pay for it.

  • Instructor qualifications.Our instructors receive ongoing professional training from recognized experts.

  • No mandatory organizational dues.Again many martial art schools dictate you pay yearly fees to a martial arts organization.We don’t and never will.

  • A clean and well maintained facility.We take pride in having a facility you are proud to train at

  • Family orientated.We truly are a martial arts family. On your first visit you will recognize all our welcome. As a student, attending class becomes not just a learning experience, but also a social one.Children make new friends and parents do also.



The vision of The EDGE Martial Arts is to empower people in our communities lives through the martial arts. To help people get in shape, be safe and instill the life skills and character of a true martial artist while upholding important values like courtesy, patience, respect, self control and integrity.


The EDGE Martial Arts purpose is providing support to our students. We do this by helping students develop confidence, focus, self discipline and self esteem through our martial arts instruction. We support our students by teaching them true self defense and helping them get in the best shape of their lives, which helps our students create a positive outlook, a spirit of constant improvement and an attitude that refuses to give up.


The EDGE Martial Arts promise is providing our students a professional, safe atmosphere, instilling values and life skills leading to remarkable improvements in academics, career, fitness, personal achievement, and relationships – literally making a better community one black belt at a time


The EDGE Martial Arts offers a variety of classes for children and adults of all ages.

We are proud to offer the following programming:

Little Ninja's program (4-5)
Super Kids (6-12)
Youth/Adult classes (13+)

The EDGE also offers:
Israeli Krav Maga Reality Based Self Defense (13+)
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) 
Womans Only Kickboxing




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50 Ways Martial Arts Training at The Edge Martial Arts Is Good for Everyone!

  • Sharpens Mental Focus
  • Changes Self-Confidence
  • Teaches Good Manners
  • Develops “I can” Attitude 
  • Increases Motivation
  • Keeps The Body Healthy 
  • Help’s Break Barriers 
  • Expands Potential 
  • Offers High Energy Workout 
  • Certified Instructors
  • Daily Character Training
  • Increase Flexibility 
  • Increase Stamina
  • Builds Social Skills
  • It’s Fun
  • Teaches Self Defense 
  • Enhances Goal Setting
  • Develops Listening Skill
  • Helps Build Memorization
  • Self Respect 
  • Creates Discipline
  • Understand Teamwork
  • Increase Balance
  • Increase Coordination
  • Awesome Role Models
  • Better Grades
  • Increase Stress Control
  • Part of 2000 Year Old History
  • Build Indomitable Spirit
  • Learns Life Skills
  • Sharpens Self Control
  •  Weight Management
  • Courtesy for Self and Others
  • Increase Public Speaking
  • Defend Love Ones
  • Increased Awareness
  • More Receptive
  • Increase Speed
  • Develop Modesty
  • Builds Integrity
  • Empowers Lives
  • Lubricates the Mind
  • Develops Patience
  • Non-Conflict Resolutions
  • People Skills
  • Awesome Martial Arts Moves
  • Happy People
  • Humility
  • Common Sense Before Self Defense
  • Just Good for the Soul